Islam to Appear Stronger in Europe

Islam to Appear Stronger in Europe

Recently, French President, Emmanuel Macron has strongly attacked Muslims considering them as separatists. He described Islam as a “religion that is in crisis all over the world”.
Referring to the Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islam remarks, he was condemned by different Muslim masses and Muslim countries all over the globe. Macron was warned that his hateful words had created discord among people.
In fact, Emmanuel Macron said these words to see Muslims’ reaction over the issue. He knows well that Islam is the religion of peace and prosperity.
As it is clear, Islam is spreading in Europe more than ever especially the French people are more interested to embrace Islam. This led some French rulers to provoke people against Islam in order to prevent the spread of Islam in Europe.
Few weeks ago, a French teacher who insulted the Prophet Mohammad PBUH was killed after showing offensive cartoons of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. After that incident, public insults were revealed by videos on the streets of France. All these led some to have negative views of France.
Blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam is rejected by all divine religions. The Western countries which are involved in insults, including Franc must stop Islamophobia and anti-Islamic propaganda.
It is also important to know that a teacher in a classroom has only a duty to teach not to insult or show offensive materials to students. Insult to a religion or sect is prohibited by international laws.
The teacher’s act was obviously condemned. The question is why the French government did not condemn the teacher’s blasphemous act? Rather, they defended him who lost his life due to a crime provokes any faithful Muslim. However, it was a personal act.
Unfortunately, the international human rights institutions and the United Nations have not taken any serious measures over the matter to prevent such actions. But on the other hand, Muslims around the world have always been accused of violent extremism.
The unjust politicians in France are afraid of spreading Islam. So they take advantage of such acts and crimes to fight Islam and weaken Muslims’ growing power and presence in France.
Muslims in France and all over the world should know that France is fighting to stop the spread of Islam in Europe. Muslims should fight such acts with the courage and patience. To spread Islam, we should take decisive measures.
God-willing the Europeans will embrace Islam more than past and Islam will appear stronger than ever before. They want to turn off the light of Islam, but Allah will perfect His light although the unbelievers dislike it.

By Shafi Farhan
Student at Herat University – Afghanistan


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