A Long Dispute Resolved in 8 Mins.

A Long Dispute Resolved in 8 Mins.

Armin, belongs to Tehran, narrates the story of his life which was prone to be destroyed. He tells us the story of his family dispute resolution. Recently Armin traveled to Balochistan, Iran where he met a Baloch citizen in Chabahar who guided him to Darululoom Zahedan.
Read his story in his own words:
8 minutes in the presence of Mawlana Abdol-Hamid
It had been exactly 11 years that I had a dispute with my beloved wife, Shiva, due to a minor issue. We had been apart for six years.
Nima and Nargess were sad because they were far from their parents. Our children were like orphans. They had never seen their parents on a sofa together.
I used to go to courts of Tehran and Kashan for eight years with all the bills and documents. All family consultants and lawyers knew us well. Our living income was spent in this awful way.
Once I had a trip to Chabahar for shopping. At that moment I was about to divorce my wife. On Chabahar beach, I visited Ataullah Baloch and spoke to him about my problem. He suggested me to consult with Mawlana Abdol-Hamid at the Grand Makki Mosque and Darululoom in Zahedan. He said that my problem would be solved.
I reached Zahedan and to Makki mosque .I enjoyed seeing beautiful flowers and gardens of Darululoom. It was interesting for me to hear the students greeting me and to see there smiling faces.
On the next day, I met Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid in his office. This great personality’s beautiful face amazed me. He hugged me. My tears flowed and I could not speak. I only spoke with him for eight minutes.
He explained to me the true meaning of life. His words made me comfortable. His last sentence was that your problem would be solved. He told me: “We are praying for you”.
He gave me a note for Darul-Iftaa to Mawlavi Isma’eel Kurd. I went to Darul-Iftaa and met with Mawlavi Esmaeel. He listened to me for three whole hours. Within eight years, none of judges in the judiciary listened to us as he did.
Mawlavi Esmaeel spoke to us kindly. We felt he was the closest person to our family. His legal information and his patience surprised my wife. My wife was a senior in law. When I said: “I’m a Shiite,” I didn’t observe any change in his face. In response, he said that there was no difference between Shiites and Sunnis. It is important to be compatriots.
During his talk, my wife and I hugged each other. Sima and Nargess became so happy. It was unbelievable for us. My waif said: “Our problem is solved because of Mawlana’s prayer”. We started a new life.
The office was so busy but he had a good behavior with all. I wish this ethics applies to all national courts.
When we said goodbye, Mawlavi Esmaeel hugged me and recommended me to meet Mufti Mohammad Qasem Qasemi, the grand Mufti of Sunnis. When I met the Mufti and saw his sacred face, I thought the prophets were so handsome and divine. The Mufti advised us to be punctual in our regular prayers and to pray. He also told us to send a lot of salutations to the prophet Mohammad PBUH.
After 8 years referring to the courts, finally our problem was resolved within 8 minutes. It was a new beginning for us.
I salute pure and sincere people of Zahedan. I wish happiness for the people who are directly attached to Allah and I wish a long life for Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, this great Iranian personality.


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