In Memory of Late Sh. Shahabuddin Shaheedi

In Memory of Late Sh. Shahabuddin Shaheedi

Mawlana Shahabuddin Shaheedi was one of the most influential and greatest scholars in Khorasan province of Iran. He passed away due to heart attack in his hometown on Wednesday 1st Feb. 2017 in a local hospital.

Mawlana Shaheedi was 71. He was born in a village in Khaaf district of Khorasan, Iran, in 1945. He got basic education in his birth place. Then he moved to Khaaf city where he studied the primary books of the Islamic sciences at late famous scholar, Mawlana Shamsuddin Motahhari, the founder of Ahnaf Seminary in Khaaf.
He, then travelled to Zahedan where he consulted late Mawlana Abdol-Aziz, the founder of Darululoom Zahedan for further education. Mawlana Shaheedi joined Darululoom Zangian in Saravan and benefited from Mawlana Abdol-Aziz Sadati.
The thirst to get higher Islamic education moved him to Pakistan. He, first of all, joined Darululoom Karachi. After two years, he went to newly-built Jamia Farooqia and benefited from his mentor Ml. Saleemullah Khan. He also studied different subjects in Jamia Islamia Banuri town in Karachi.
Due to his efforts, he got education from the top scholars of the time in Pakistan such as Ml. Ghulamullah Khan, Mufti Mahmoud, Ml. Abdul-Ghani Jajrwi and Ml. Moussa Khan Bazi, may Allah have mercy on them.
He was graduated in 1974 and shifted to his birth place. After three years, he joined Ahnaf Seminary of Khaaf on the invitation of his teacher and mentor, Ml. Shamsuddin Motahhari. He provided his services to the society until his death on the platform of Ahnaf Seminary in Khaaf.
Ml. Shaheedi was Shaikh-ul-Hadith and main Mufti of the seminary. He was one of the main figures in the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Iranian Sunni community, based in Darululoom Zahedan. He was very expert in Islamic jurisprudence and Hadith. His soft corner for all classes of the society had made him very popular among people.
Hundreds of scholars, students and citizens took part in his funeral prayers in Khaaf city. Ml. Abdol-Hamid was due to take part, also but the security officials barred him from travelling to Khorasan. He sent a delegation from Zahedan to convey his condolences and take part in the funeral ceremony.


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