Dr. Jalalizadeh in a talk with “SunniOnline”:

I’m Hopeful about Iranian Sunnis’ Future

I’m Hopeful about Iranian Sunnis’ Future

An outstanding political activist of the Iranian Sunni community has criticized the role of the current ‘modern’ government of Iran regarding the rights of Iranian Sunnis. However, he expressed his optimism about the future of the Iranian Sunni community.

Talking to the official web portal of the Sunni community in Iran exclusively, Dr. Jalal Jalalizadeh said, “All the previous presidents, including the current Iranian president could not implement the constitution completely. Mr. Rouhani has taken some positive steps, but I think they are incomplete and insufficient.”

The ex-member of the parliament (Majlis council) urged, “If president Rouhani wants the votes of the Sunnis in his second term, he should clearly announce whether he fulfills the demands of the Sunni community or not. The constitution should be executed in all districts and Sunnis should be recognized as first-class citizens.”

In response to a question, Dr. Jalalizadeh stated, “The president should not step back before the external pressures. Public interests and the rights of people who have elected him should not be violated by some groups who oppose equal rights for all Iranians.”

The professor of Tehran University alluded to the ongoing condition of the Sunni community and said, “By the blessings of Allah the situation of the world has been changed. Due to rapid circulation of information and prevalence of social media, growth in the rate of literacy and educated Ulama and scholars among the Sunni community, they follow up the case of their due rights more than past.”

In his interview with “SunniOnline”, Dr. Jalal Jalalizadeh underlined, “The Iranian Sunni community would keep demanding for their legal and civil rights. Altogether, I am hopeful about the future of the Iranian Sunni community.”


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