Between God’s will and material instruments (Part: IV)

Between God’s will and material instruments (Part: IV)
quran-u-sunnaThe reader of the holy Quran -the only book that has saved the history of prophets and their preaching activities- can clearly see that prophets (Peace be upon them) have always been appointed to launch their mission in dark and suffocated societies where the environment and conditions not only have been unfavorable to their divine programs, but have openly hampered them. They have also been in poor condition in terms of material instruments at the time of appointment, and whatever in surface is counted as matter of proud and respect such as wealth, protection, adherent etc., all were in favor of their enemies.

Albeit, what the prophets of the God were enjoying, included a strong faith that no kind of doubt could penetrate into it, as well as absolute sincerity free of self-interest and hypocrisy.  Their wealth consisted of trust on Allah, confession of need and helplessness before him, piety, and good acts and behavior. Above all, they were the messengers of Allah bearing a divine mission that the Almighty had promised support and protection for it.
The story of Hadhrat Abraham (PBUH) that is repeated in the holy Quran is the biggest challenge for those who believe on the effects and independence of the material. Indeed, it is the most important proof about the weakness and inferiority of the material power and its supporters; as if, Hadhrat Abraham (PBUH) was carrying a mission to lighten the importance of material and belittle those who heavily relied and believed on the object, were proud of it, and had extra ordinary trust upon that, hence prove their ignorance.
The biography of Hadhrat Musa (PBUH) like Hadhrat Abraham’s (PBUH) story is also a clear challenge to materialists, because, such people always see the material and the materialist theories as natural and eternal laws, and think that no one has the ability to succeed them, always considering the results of such laws and theories definite and fix. Indeed, the biography of Hadhrat Musa (PBUH) is a determinant test for those who do not step out of rationalism, and their sight is unable to see beyond material world.
The biography of Hadhrat Yousuf (PBUH) from epistemological and causative point of views is also highly amazing and outstanding. The revelation of Surah Yousuf took place in the troublesome environment of Mecca to evangel our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that a bright future was awaiting him; as if the story of Hadhrat Yousuf was his (Prophet Muhammad) own story.
In fact, the purpose of narrating such stories is to teach the people that the law of God is unchangeable; and make all of the people to believe that calling the people to live the prophets’ style of living, faith, following the instructions of the holy prophet, patients, and good behaviour all are like branches of a holy tree which never dries out, instead every time spurs fruits upon the recommendation of Allah.
Indeed, a weak individual can be powerful adopting above characteristics, and a small minority can be transformed into a behemoth majority. A summoning practice that the prosperity and rescue of the man depends on, is that much valuable near Allah that even universal laws will be broken for that, and such events will occur which has never come to the mind of the man.
On the other hand, individual, group or national expediencies and power struggle which neither do bear any good thing in the interest of Islam and humanity nor can prevent corruption or fight against it, as the main purpose of them is to get power and then compromise with any deviation without any sensitivity, certainly, their efforts have no value near Allah. The Almighty does not care, over their course to what valley they would fall, with which enemy they encounter and die; or in which quagmire of violent revolution where no one is merciful to them, they would be trapped. In short, they would face such problems that their start and end are not clear.
Unfortunately, one widespread wrong perception among the Muslim communities or better to be said the whole Muslim world that is accepted by all layers of the society is that the material strength is considered as the pivotal factor in all issues. Even a great portion of believers and faithful people say that material comes first. Certainly, the life of the prophets and messengers of Allah completely invalidates such perception and does not recognize it at all. The life of prophets, stories of their miracles, conquests and secret assistance they have received from the God, as well as the final destiny of their enemies all manifest that this way of thinking is totally wrong, and the material is not that much determinant as it is thought.
This is the message and lesson that we have to learn from the stories of prophets; and this is the true path that the prophets were following, and the holy Quran has also recommended it. It is to be confessed that the weak and poor nations have no option except to step into this direction, and no doubt the future of such nations which have faith, principles, and duty of summoning the people to the God, depends on going through this course.

By: Allamah Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hassani Nadvi
Translated by: Muhammad Qasem Bani Kamal (Qasmi)


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