Report: Annual gathering of Iran’s Sunni students in Zahidan

Report: Annual gathering of Iran’s Sunni students in Zahidan
jalase-daneshThe Office for university students at Darululoom Zahedan University established an orientation session for the Sunni under graduate students with experienced scholars and intellectuals personalities.

The lovely gathering which was attended by a large number of Sunni students from across the country, started its activities after Maghrib prayers on Wednesday, 3rd March 2010, and continued for two days, finished after Magrib prayers on Thursday evening. “SunniOnline” will try its level best to transfer a summary of the activities of this gathering to the visitors.

Wednesday’s programs:

After reciting of some verses of Qura’n, a student of “Yazd University” delivered a lecture, then the audience focused on listening towards wonderful lecture presented by Sheikh Salahuddin Shahnawazi, he is the student of Higher Studies in Persian language and literature at “Payam-e-Noor University” of Ardakan city, his topic was “intellectual invasion”.
After recitation of the verse, [ولا يزالون يقاتلونكم حتى يردوكم عن دينكم إن استطاعوا] “and they (non-believers) continue to fight you until your retraction from your religion if they could …..”
Sheikh Salahuddin explained the history of the continued conflict between right and wrong (Haqq and Baatel) and said: “Since the creation of Adam, peace be upon him, the struggle between the right and the wrong began. And the wrong while having all the advanced tools and developed sources failed to achieve its only hope, as we know that their hope is to remove the Haq (right path) along with its followers.”
Sheikh Salahuddin narrated from Sheikh Mohammad Shafi Deobandi (Allah’s mercy on him), the founder of Darululoom Karachi, who said that the most important sources and instruments which are used against the right and its followers, we will point towards two among them: first one is creation of suspicion and second is spreading out of desires, to weaken the faith of Muslims and their religion by suspicions, and to demolish their tempers by spreading of desires.
Mr. Salahuddin continued his views and pointed to one of the efforts and activities of the philosophers of the West during the reign of Caliph Haroun Al-Rasheed and said: “The European philosophers after finding out the factors of their defeat in fighting with Muslims, they felt that their wrong views should be transferred towards Muslim countries in Islamic shapes enabling them to know the factors of success of Muslims. They decided to travel to the capitals of the Muslims. When they encamped in the first caravansary to stay, the Muslims considered them as scholars and told them that you can feed the twenty-four hours free of charge at this hotel. When philosophers asked the reason for this, the Muslims replied: This is the Sunna of the Messenger of Islam. When the philosophers heard this answer, some of them said: We discovered the secret of half the advancement of Muslims. The next day they went to buy a commodity, when they saw that the seller sold the item cheaply, they returned to him again keeping in their mind to buy much more goods, but the owner of the shop directed them towards an other vendor, because he could not sell any thing since morning; When they asked the philosophy of that, he answered that this is the teaching of Islam, the Prophet taught us to take care of each other. Hearing it, they ensured that they have got the rest half of the Muslim Advancement (that to love for your brother what you love for yourself). They came back and presented the results of their travel to the members of their Council, and all of them acknowledged the both secrets in the victory and progress of Muslim society. Then they searched for a way to conquer Muslims and they agreed at last to translate the philosophical books and to send it to the Muslim countries, because if their philosophy enters into the Muslim society so vulnerability and weakness will occur in their faith and gradually their interest in Islamic sharia law will be damaged. Therefore, books published among the Muslims and sought to eradicate the doctrine of Muslims and their faith, till the Muslim scholars stood up to fight against them.
Sheikh Salahuddin pointed to “Orientals and investment,” as two important dimensions of the ideological invasion, perpetrated by enemies and said: “The Lewis IX said: “If you want to defeat Muslims, so do not fight them by weapons.” As they sent their sons to Spain to learn Islamic cultures and reformism system and then after six hundred years they attacked Islam by two guns (Orientals and investment), then they attacked the Muslim society by spreading dissemination and desires into Muslim countries.
At the end of his lecture, Sheikh Salahuddin referred to one of the most important ways to confront the enemies’ conspiracies that is going on according to the teachings of the Qur’an, he said: “Sheikh Mohammad Shafi Deobandi said: The only way to confront desires is the teachings contained in Al-Asr chapter, (And exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience). If a person is a complete believer and has the light of faith, that light and idea would be transferred to others, wherever he went. The right idea gained by efforts as the religion and faith can be achieved by faith.”
After the lecture of Sheikh Salahuddin, a student of “Shahid Raja University, Tehran” rendered an article called “religious escape”. At the beginning, he noted the religion as the strongest pillar of the material and moral support to the delivery of eternal happiness, then he turned towards the religious factors: “The most important reasons of running away from religious are material science and the establishment of illicit sexual relations, Islam forbids harm to learn a kind of science which is bad for the religious life of Muslims and illegal relations destroys the beliefs, faith and morals of the person, Islam warns of the consequences of it.
He noted in another section of his article to other factors to religious escape and said:” poverty, the environment and its badness, cultural invasion, extremism and bad behavior of some scholars are important reasons for the willingness of individuals to leave the religion.
The student of Shaheed Rajaee University declared the correct definition given by scholars, an important inhibitor to stop religious escape.
The honorable gathering ended after the Maghrib prayer.
After offering Ishaa prayer and having dinner, students went on question and answer session to remove their suspicions in the fields of belief, history and ethics, Da’wah and other topics in the places which allocated for them.

Thursday’s programs

After Fajr prayers on Thursday, students listened to the interpretation of some verses from the Words of God, which was delivered by Sheikh Abdul Hameed (may God protect him). The sixth meeting of university’s Sunni students started on second day with the recitation of Holy Qur’an after having breakfast.
Molwi Habibullah Marjani Presented on behalf of Student’s Affairs Office at Darululoom Zahidan University a summary of the history of this department and some of its activities in twelve years. He also welcomed the scholars, students and intellectuals, who came from different parts of Iran, for their presence at this gathering.
Then a student of “Sanandaj University” read an article by the title of “what we must do and what we must leave.”
Another important lecture on the topic “Pluralism” (religious pluralism) was delivered by professor of Mahabad University Mr. Ahmad Ahmadian.
At the end, Shaykh Masoud Ansari, the great Sunni author and researcher talked about moderation and said: “We can see the models of moderation in Tawheed (monotheism) and knowledge of the Allah’s attributes. For example, if Almighty Allah is Avenger so He is merciful as well and forgives those who seek forgiveness.”
Dr Ansari stressed that moderation is one of the most important factor for progress and advancement in all walks of life.
After the lecture of Dr. Ansari, Mr. Mahmoud Brahoi, the young Sunni journalist of Balochistan read an article entitled “The economy, media, and education.”

Lecture of Sheikh Muhammad Qasim Qasimi, head of Dar-ul-Iftaa Darululoom Zahidan and Professor of Hadith

Shaykh Qasimi in his speech pointed to exploits of the prophetic message and said: “The credit for all the developments and advances that we are witnessing in our time goes to the efforts of the Prophets (peace be upon them). They taught human beings the way of life in order to gain blessings of Almighty Allah without any greed for money and rank.”
Sheikh Qassimi stressed that the prophets in general and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in particular are models and examples for all mankind and further he said: “The crises which we face in our time, turn to the crisis of ideals and models in the life. Many people have chosen such ideals those were not good and exempt in the history, even they have committed heinous crimes against the human and killed thousands of innocent people, such as “Hilakou khan” and “Changiz” and their ilk. We might find some notorious kings in the history, who abused the use of preparations and capabilities of their people. But the prophets were not like them; their ideas are more comprehensive and wider than the other’s ideas. Always they would think about survival of humans and successful in both realms.”
The professor of Hadith at Darululoom University noted two verses of the Holy Qur’an and said that Allah has delegated this nation, men and women the responsibility of the prophets, We are all, academics and others, men and women engaged in touchstone of the verse “He selected you”.
Mufti Qasimi added: “This Ummah (nation) guides, preachers and teachers both for all the nations. Muslims did not come to fight and create war only. All invasions in the life of the Prophet were according to the philosophy to remove barriers from the arrival of humans towards success and survival.”
Mufti Mohammed Qasim Qasimi further said that piety and fear of God are key factors of success and keeping safe oneself. He said that how many parties and groups and the heads of the country have sold themselves or their country and their people, because their words were not with the consent of their actions. Discovery and research are very important, but the ultimate goal is above that.
The professor at Darululoom Zahidan University pointed out: “Many people wish  if they were at the time of the Prophet and met him and benefited from his blessed meetings, and wish that if they interpreted by the Prophet peace be upon him even once in a dream, but Imam Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi (may Allah mercy on him) wrote in his book: Two things can fill the Prophet’s vacuum vision (peace be upon him) and if we follow him perfectly it will be seamed as if we accompanied with him: one is the Qur’an, we should learn this great book and obey it, it is a book full of vitality and power. The second is the prayer (Salat) that is the spiritual effect of flow; there is no worship more effective than the prayer. And prayer is such a powerful worship which washes and cleans from diets and artificial love and creates the love of God.
Sheikh Qasimi advised the audience to maintain a religious belief and tracking of events and facts that appear around us, at the end he asked them to free them to learn forensic science for the awakening of world conditions, following Islamic ideal personalities like Salahuddin and strengthen their religious and Islamic ardor in themselves.
After Sheikh Qasimi, the representative of Zahedan city in the Shura Council (Parliament), engineer “Forouzesh” went to stage. Forouzesh said at the beginning:” One of the most important issues which is the root of a lot of religious matters that is formation of culture. The way things are done and different kinds of societies are being treated by different ways, it shows that the Iranian Government believe in some sort of separation between religion and doctrine and because the necessarily steps have not taken to access the target.”
The Engineer added: “A person who gives useful opinions and configures the culture can lead the community far away from intolerance, and provides them justice and equality which makes an ideal and model society.”
The representative of Zahedan in the Shura Council pointed out that we have had achievements in the field of Sharia studies, and perhaps we have some thing to say in this regard, but the problem is that in the field of modern science we could not make a specific goal yet. But we only have learned to get certificates nothing else. He added: “To exit the name of Iran from the list of the Second-countries in the world, we should follow several points:
1- To full link between the elites and directors of art.
2- To import all the resources of science.
3- To create the foundations of science and industry.
4- The progress must be popular and publicly, the base of progress should be science orbit and the creative power of the people, in other words, we can say that we can achieve our great goals with truthfully and loyalty.”
The activities of the meeting continued after Magrib prayers by recitation of some verses from the Qur’an and naats to praise the Prophet peace be upon him. Then Sheikh-ul-Islam Maulana Abdul Hameed, the head of Darululoom Zahidan University came at the stage to deliver his useful speech.

Note: The speech of Sheikh-ul-Islam Maulana Abdul Hameed has been posted at separately because of its great importance.



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