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Iran’s 25th Islamic Fiqh Academy Conference Held

The twenty-fifth conference of the “Islamic Fiqh Academy” of the Sunni Community of Iran was held in Darululoom Zahedan on Wednesday, January 29, 2022 and lasted to Thursday.
The main office of the Islamic Fiqh Academy is located inside Darululoom Zahedan and its chairman is Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, the president of Darululoom Zahedan. It has members from different provinces of Iran.
Two issues were raised in the conference:

1. Review of Islamic Takaful insurance.

  1. Marriage loan facilities.
    After two days of discussions, debate and exchange of views, the Islamic Takaful insurance was approved by the conference considering some conditions.
    On the subject of “marriage loan facilities”, after discussion and exchange of views, the Islamic Fiqh Academy did not reach a final decision.
    Members of the conference recommended Murabaha to banks and other financial institutions instead of providing loans with interest.