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A Young Sunni Cleric Martyred in Zahedan

Mawlawi Asef Sarani, a Baloch young Sunni activist and a teacher at Darululoom Zahedan, was martyred by unknown people in Zahedan last week.
After two days of missing, the body of this young cleric was found in the western outskirts of Zahedan on Wednesday evening, Sep. 7, 2022.
According to local information, Shaikh Sarani had left Zahedan’s Technical and Professional Department in his personal car on Monday last week for his home, but he did not return home. After two days of distress, the body of late Mawlawi Sarani was found in Zahedan’s suburbs by local people.
Detailed information about the perpetrators of this crime and their motive for the murder has not yet been obtained.
The incident was bitter, unfortunate, and shocking for everyone, especially for his students, teachers, and friends.
Shaikh Asef Sarani graduated from Darululoom Zahedan, Iran in 2011. After graduation, he participated in the specialization course in jurisprudence in this Islamic center for two years. He also got a diploma in journalism and Persian literature.
Mawlawi Sarani started his career as a food consultant at the kitchen of Darululoom Zahedan; then he offered his services in different sections of the seminary.
He also was engaged in social and religious activities, especially in teaching the holy Qur’an to kids and young boys. He had good initiatives in the field of teaching the Noble Qur’an.
The colleagues of Mawlawi Sarani told us that he had a good relationship with people, including with his teachers and students; he used to sympathize with people in their problems.
The funeral ceremony of Mr. Sarani was held during the Friday prayer ceremony of Zahedan in the presence of tens of thousands of people.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader and the president of Darululoom Zahedan met with the survivors of the late and expressed his condolences with the family of Mawlawi Sarani and asked Allah for forgiveness for the deceased.
Shaikh Mufti Muhammad Qasem Qasemi and Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri, two prominent Iranian Sunni scholars and senior teachers of Darululoom Zahedan also expressed their regret over the martyrdom of Mawlawi Sarani and called him as a good scholar in Zahedan.
Tribe elders and some city officials took part in the burial ceremony of the late. The elders of Sarani tribe urged on the security officials to conduct a fair investigation and find out the culprits.