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Prophet Muhammad, Greatest Divine Mercy for Mankind

Emphasizing on imitation of the character and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH, Mufti Mohammad Qasem Qasemi pointed out to the fall and deviation of mankind before Islam and considered the Prophet’s dispatch as the greatest mercy of Allah on humanity.
Addressing the Friday worshippers of Zahedan on Oct. 29, 2021, the senior teacher of Darululoom Zahedan said: “To know the spring that Allah brought to mankind through the Prophet Mohammad PBUH, we should know about the fall situation of the people at the time of the birth of the holy Prophet and before his dispatch. At that time, humanity had lost morality, faith and guidance and it was involved in polytheism, infidelity and idolatry.”
“Allah says that the people of that time were in clear misguidance. At the time of the ignorance, people buried their defenseless girls alive. They considered their rulings as God’s and said that the blood of God flows in the veins of Caesar”, he said.
The eminent teacher of Hadith and jurisprudence of Darululoom Zahedan added: “There was no freedom of expression. Bribery, usury, adultery, oppression on women and etc. were common. People were deeply involved in polytheism. They made idols from sweets, bowed to them, asked them their needs, and ate them when they were hungry.”
Shaikh Qasemi added more: “Allah had a great mercy on human beings and sent the Prophet Muhammad as a mercy to all the worlds. Allah saved the people through the Prophet. Allah sent the Prophet to the people with purification and teachings of the Qur’an. He was the prophet of mercy. The Prophet Muhammad was the result of the prayer of the Prophet Ibrahim and the result of the desire of the Prophet Mousa, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them”.
Chairman of Darul-Ifta of Darululoom Zahedan further alluded to the fall of the status of women before Islam and said: “People considered girls ashamed. Islam saved the rights of women”.
“Unfortunately today some people are afraid of the Islamic state and laws and chant that the Islamic laws violate women’s rights, while Islam is the biggest defender of women’s rights. The Prophet said that whoever raises one or two daughters and marries them will enter the Paradise. The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, emphasized on giving the rights of the two weak classes; women and orphans”, said Mufti Mohammad Qasem.
The interim Friday Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan noted: “The Messenger of Allah was the true prophet of God. He was the best role model and the divine gift to all mankind. As Muslims, we must love the Prophet and respect and love his companions and households with our hearts and remember his greatness and kindness”.
He urged on sending salutations to the Prophet PBUH and said: “We should send salutations to the Prophet PBUH. With each greeting sent to the Prophet, ten blessings are revealed, ten awards are written, ten blessings are sent by the Prophet, and the greeting sender becomes valuable”.
Concluding his Friday speech, Shaikh Qasemi urged that Muslims should always remember the Prophet’s kindnesses and sacrifices, love his lovers and follow his Sunnah and traditions to be close to the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
In his last points, the Grand Sunni Mufti of Iran referred to Shaikh Abdol-Hamid’s trip to the south of Balochistan and asked the Friday worshippers to pray for him to be helped by Almighty Allah in his plans and reformist programs.