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Iran: A Football Star Violates Islamic Sanctities

Iranian Sunnis denounced Shayan Mosleh, a member of Persepolis Football Club, over insulting the Guided Caliphs and Sayyidah Ayishah, may Allah be pleased with them, during a public speech.
SunniOnline reports, the footballer has insulted and cursed Abu-Bakr, Omar, Othman and Sayyidah Ayishah, may Allah be pleased with them, apparently in a mourning gathering.
Hours after sharing the viral video of his speech, Sunni activists showed their anger and asked the authorities to try him on the charge of insulting the sanctities of Islam.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader, termed the accused footballer an “ignorant sportsman”. He demanded “detention and trial” of such people who sabotage national peace and create sectarian disputes.
The Sunni bloc in Iranian parliament which contains about 20 representatives of the Sunni community condemned the footballer and asked for his trial.
Dr. Jalil Rahimi, a Sunni parliamentarian, during his speech in the parliament also condemned Shayan Mosleh strongly and defended the great status of Sahabah.
Thousands of social media activists, mainly Sunnis, applauded the Sunni parliamentarians on their brave reaction and decried the footballer.
Persepolis FC and its accused member have not showed any reaction yet. Officials also preferred to keep silent over the demands of the Sunni community.