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Sunnis Banned from Offering Eid Prayers in Tehran

Tehran – SunniOnline: Some prayer-houses of the Sunni community in Tehran were besieged by security personnel and worshipers could not offer Eid prayers on Wednesday 22 Aug. 2018.
SunniOnline received reports from Tehran that security police had not allowed people to enter some prayer-houses including Resalat, Yaftabad, Pounak and Khalij-e-Fars prayer-houses.
Sunnis in Tehran have no mosque and they establish prayers in houses.
One of the Sunni activists in Tehran told “SunniOnline” on the condition of anonymity that the Security Police of Tehran summoned executive committees of many Sunni prayer-houses a day before Eid and asked them to not establish Eid prayers.
The police did not show any legal paper and just claimed that the decision had been made by the Security Council of Tehran province.
In reaction to the limitations and obstacles, executive committees of the mentioned prayer-houses had a meeting with Eng. Aleem Yarmohammadi (MNA from Zahedan) and Dr. Zolfiqar-Talab (advisor to the special assistant of the president in the affairs of ethnic and religious communities) in Hashemi prayer-house of Tehran.
It is noteworthy that more than one million Sunnis live in Tehran and despite continuous and permanent demands for building own mosques in the metropolis of Tehran, they are not allowed to build own mosque. Sunnis mainly offer Friday and Eid prayers in rental houses and mostly they face obstacles to approach the houses, too.
The issue of Sunnis’ mosque in Tehran has been a main demand of the Sunni leaders and activists with no clear answer from the officials.