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Ml. Ab. Hamid Writes Letter to Sistani on Iraq, IR Sunnis’ Issues

Writing a letter to the most influential Iraqi Shia cleric, Iranian Sunni leader asked him to use his influence for decreasing Iranian Sunnis’ problems and constitution of a multi-ethnic government in Iraq.
The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid has published some parts of the letter. According to the report, he termed “suppression and tyranny”, “denying people’s due demands” and “sectarian governments” the reasons behind destruction of Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
The most influential scholar of the Sunni community in Iran alluded to the new political prospect of Iraq and said: “It is expected from your Excellency to recommend and urge on establishment of a multi-ethnic and non-sectarian government in Iraq. Then the respectable Iraqi nation can get its due political, cultural, social and economic rights under the shadow of a democratic and justice-seeker government.”
In another part of the letter, president of Darululoom Zahedan alluded to the conditions of the Sunni community in Iran after the Islamic revolution and mentioned “massive discrimination”, “lack of religious freedoms,” “not engaging Sunni elites in higher managements” and “absence of balance between Shia and Sunni communities in Sunni-populated regions” as the most important problems of the Iranian Sunnis.
Absence of a mosque for Sunnis in Tehran, creation of restrictions for Sunnis’ prayer houses in the capital and other metropolises and showing carelessness on the order of the Supreme Leader about removing discrimination –even in the organizations run by the office of the SL- are the other points which have been stressed in the letter of Mawlana Abdol-Hamid.
“When we talk with officials and statesmen about the due legal demands of Sunnis, they always respond that they are under pressure of Shia clerics of Qom. As you are one of the influential Shia clerics and Maraj’a in the Muslim world, we hope you will use your influence to end the anxiety of Iranian Sunnis and resolve this 40 years-long dilemma,” the famous Sunni leader underlined.
He concluded his letter by saying: “If Iran and Iraq remove sectarian discriminations, the world will witness a great change in actual and practical unity of the Muslim nation. This will be an influential step towards implementation of durable peace in the Muslim world and the enemies would not find opportunity to misuse our differences.”