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DM Zahedan: Consultative Meeting of Arabic Institute

Iran, Zahedan- The consultative meeting of “An-Nadi Al-Arabi” in presence of Sunni seminaries’ representatives was held in Darululoom Zahedan on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012.

The Arabic Institute, An-Nadi Al-Arabi, has been organized by some senior teachers of the largest Islamic seminary of Sunnis in Iran, Darululoom Zahedan, to boost students’ Arabic language writing, discoursing and conversation in an up-to-date method.

The advisory event of An-Nadi Al-Arabi was held in the central public library of Darululoom Zahedan. Dozens of teachers of various seminaries took part in the function. Later on, the inaugural function of the institute was conducted on 17th Oct. inside the Grand Makki Masjid next to the Darululoom Zahedan’s campus.

In the beginning, a member of “SunniOnline” Arabic section presented a brief report on the activities of the Arabic department of “SunniOnline” and the aims of its foundation.

The second lecturer was Molawi Habibullah Marjani, a senior member of An-Nadi Al-Arabi and teacher at Darululoom Zahedan. He pointed that An-Nadi Al-Arabi has got some important achievements; foundation of the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Department is one of the main attainments of the Institute. All subjects are being taught in Arabic in this department.

The head of the Arabic Institute, Mufti Abdol-Qader Arifi, talked to the audience as well. He thanked the participants for taking part in the function and said that they had held the meeting to receive ideas, suggestions and experiences of Ulama in order to enhance students’ abilities of learning Arabic.

The deputy of Darul-Iftaa in Darululoom Zahedan expressed his regret over the lake of good planning for teaching Arabic language in seminaries and pointed, “It is a false idea that only graduates of prominent seminaries and colleges provided great services to Arabic literature and Islamic sciences; rather many scholars of small seminaries played important role in societies. No one should be hopeless; we must strive utilizing the new sources to improve our language in the all four sections.”

Mufti Arifi asked the representatives of Sunni schools to give their ideas and suggestions in black & white or verbally. As some teachers and scholars presented excellent views and guidelines over the topic.

In the concluding session of the meeting, the head of Darul-Iftaa Darululoom Zahedan, Mufti Muhammad Qasem Qasemi, presented an eloquent discourse on the subject.

After listening to suggestions of some audiences, the eminent Islamic scholar showed his happiness and hope. He gave some tools to learners of Arabic language saying, “All major languages experience changes by the alteration of time. Such modifications must be realized while learning and teaching process of any language.”

He recommended the onlookers to maintain connection with the native speakers of Arabic saying there is no need to travel to Arab countries; new media sources like radio, journal papers and internet are the best choices to have continuous link with the modern Arabic language.

The editor-in-chief of International Neday Islam magazine further said, “You should try to make interconnection with the Arabic departments of national universities; you can send your articles and personal works to domestic or foreign journals and websites as well to develop your language.”

At the end of his points, Mufti Qasemi advised scholars and envoys of the seminaries to read Arabic books and journals consistently in order to get improvement in the language.

Source: SunniOnline.us