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The blaspheme of Ahl-e-Sunna’s sacred is condemned

majlesTehran: Writing a letter to the Minister of Culture and Guidance The Sunni members of Iranian Parliament (Shura Council) condemned and objected  the abusive which committed by some newspapers and magazines against the sanctities of the Sunnis in recent times.

The letter from Sunni parliamenterian to Mr. Mohammad Hosseini, Minister of Culture and guidance emphasized to pay pure attention on getting unity in the country and to remove all the differences which are being created by hidden hands due to the Week of the Unit.
The objection of the Sunni bloc of the Iranian Parliament has been issued regarding to media sources and newspapers those have been abusing Sunnis and their sacred persons and places in recent years, which had caused ill feelings and distrust and separation among the Muslim community.
The members affirmed in the letter: “Some people who claimed Muslims have crossed the red lines and abused and blaspheme to Ahlus-Sunna Wal Jama’a, and some parliamentarian have warned about this issue.”
At the end of the letter it was mentioned: “The Sunni members of Parliament call the minister of culture and guidance, who heads the cultural issues to seriously warn the offenders of the Sunnis and prevent them strongly to stop them from such actions.”¬† The Sunni parliamentary bloc has warned also that if the Minister fails to remind abusive of the Sunnis, they will follow the issue through the regulatory departments themselves.
It should be noted that this letter of warning before Sunni Parliamentary bloc came after blaspheme of a magazine to the mother of believers Aayesha (may Allah be pleased with her).

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