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About us

About us

We are Sunnis of Iran and Sunni community is one third of the Iran’s population. We do not have any resource and informative facilities like television, radio channels and newspapers to broadcast our news, events and voice to convey our messages to others. We want to show others our pain and problems what we have been suffering since first day after the public revolution in1979 till now.

We want to use this website (SunniOnline), the registered official website of the Sunni community in Iran, as a source that introduces us to Muslim communities over the world and other interested societies, exposes them our activities and trustable information so the Muslim brothers and sisters would be aware of the conditions of their brothers in Iran. Our news and related-information would affect their political and social policies, because the believers belong to one community and Allah Exalted has made them brothers and sisters; they are like one person, if the person suffers from any pain, so his whole body will suffer from it and he would have insomnia. Certainly, the unity of Muslims has a profound impact on the fate of the Islamic Ummah.
Due to the importance of media, its deep impression over enlightenment of ideas, thoughts and decisions as well as broadcasting Da’wah in educated communities and among masses of the different races and colors, the administration of Darululoom Zahedan decided to develop its website covering different languages, especially Arabic and English. Our goal is transferring bright and constructive ideas to others and to preach brilliant teachings of Islam in educated societies as well as common people who belong to different sects, casts and colors to get more and more knowledge.

The management and supervisors of “SunniOnline”

Darululoom Zahedan is an international educational learning center, where more than two thousand students, male and female, study day and night. The office of “Sunnionline” is also located in the same building of Darululoom Zahedan. The staff which perform their duties over there contain a group of scholars and teachers which is being supervised by Shaikh Abdul Hameed (may God protect him.)

The website provides its admirable services in four worldwide languages: Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English; God willing we want to extend our services in Balochi, Turkish and Russian languages as soon as possible.

This office provides information which is needed mostly and according to demands of Muslim Umma, we strive to fulfill their required necessities in order to benefit the visitors and to inform them about their Sunni brothers and sisters in Iran. We focus on the umma’s conditions by providing latest news, analyses and events which are related to the Islamic Ummah in particular which regards to the Sunnis of Iran.

Furthermore, we publish the sermons of Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi, khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunna in Zahedan and the most prominent Sunni scholar over the country. The rector of Darululoom Zahedan delivers his sermons in the grand Makki mosque and other forums. He focuses always on explanation of Islamic ethics and importance of adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the last and chosen book of Allah Almighty, offering the five obligatory prayers and avoidance from sins, supply of piety and the fear of God. Khateeb of the Sunnis in Zahedan also explains the problems of Sunnis and their demands from the Iranian governments; he analyzes the current global issues at different levels of governments, states and societies.

There are many articles and various other addresses regarding to the development and improvement, God willing they would benefit the visitors.

Policy of “SunniOnline”

The main aim of “Sunnionline” is to convey the real comprehensive Islamic messages and ongoing international issues to every person. To awaken the Muslims who are unaware of the situation of their Sunni brothers in Iran. “Sunnionline” tries to enlighten and discuss the current affairs, and it is a moderate and Islamic website. “Sunnionline” wishes the best luck for all mankind, it presents reasonable and proved facts, in addition to that, here you can find modern Islamic lectures etc.

Mission and targets:

1- To work for what is the best and felicity to all humanity, especially to remind Muslims their mission and responsibility about reforming and changing in them to return towards their religion with a new firm determination, strong animus and real faith. Besides, we want to remind them their responsibility towards the humanity; because, Muslims belong to the dispatched Ummah that should preach and it is superior to the previous sects and nations. Muslim Ummah does not live only for itself or contemplating to its success, but also it has to monitor the human life and to struggle to provide the fertile ground for the Islamic leadership to ensure excellence and superior of mankind.

2- To create Islamic awakening and alertness over the whole Muslim world. We are optimistic about the existence of awakening in Islamic society and we hope positive and crucial results for the Islamic nation. It is good news that Muslim community is becoming aware and active more than previous, however not as it needed, but it is much better than it’s past. It is necessary to find out the reasons that what and why have we been underdeveloped, dispersed and backward?

3- To focus on creating religious links and Islamic relations with all members of Ummah, especially with great personalities and writers, scholars and intellectuals, the centers and communities.

4- We want to spread moral values and Islamic basic knowledge for each individual, as well as on the level of society and family. As we mentioned earlier, our website is on the way of development and experience. We want to provide productive pages, reports and articles to our visitors without making them tired and bored so that every one can receive his/her required arts.

5- To introduce Islam and its immortality and moderation, inclusiveness and explanation of Islam’s discourse. Our basic purpose is that to introduce Islam as a religion of all mankind and it is the religion of everyone to embrace it, there is no discrimination of color, gender and it does not prefer the Arab on non-Arabs, black and white, rich and poor, they all are equal in Islam and the best is the most pious; they are asked to worship Exalted God. All of us belong to Adam and Adam is from soil.

We have extended our services by adding English section to familiarize non-Muslims from the Western countries and societies to the greatness of Islam and to inform them that Islam is the selected and last religion, human beings never wins and never can be successful until embracing Islam’s sovereignty.

Finally, we invite all enthusiast brothers, writers and researchers, who are working in the field of Da’wah and analysts in political, social and religious issues to help us in developing this website by sending their essays, articles and views. Because we live in an environment which suffers from lack of researchers who discuss issues accurately and carefully.
As we have been suffering for a long time from discrimination and deprivation, painful experience and lack of personalities, so we should be preferred on any location and we are more deserved for their association with compassion, academic services, learning and educational assistance.